Program for partnership between school communities

For the past two decades, 'A New Way' has been running a multi-cultural program that brings together and creates a partnership between pairs of schools and their communities. The process is based on a deep and continuous connection between municipal leadership, including the directors of their educational department, school principals and key figures in the community.

The program is a process-oriented program in which the students, their parents, and the educational staffs meet for a series of in-depth encounters that enable the participants to become personally acquainted, learn about the “other” and its culture, and foster open dialogue and joint activity.


The program is unique in its educational approach and consists of a combination of three different approaches: the 'Touch Theory', the 'Narrative Approach', and 'A Call for Joint Action'. The program is designed for fourth- to twelfth-grade students and is adapted for each pair of schools and their unique needs.

Shared studies

In the past two years, ANW in cooperation with The Amal educational network has developed two unique programs for joint study:


1. Joint study for matriculation ("Bagrut") in civics in high schools: The program is implemented within the framework of the "Tamar" program of the Ministry of Education, in which students meet for joint learning and study, examined together in the civic matriculation and conduct joint research work. The program spans two years and is designed for tenth and eleventh grade students.


2. Study of the other society in the framework of “general education classes” that are compulsory for tenth grade students. As part of the program, each class separately learns with their teacher about the neighbor's culture.


For more details about the programs and registration of your schools please contact us.

Teachers Training

In the past years, 'A New Way' has begun to build a sustainable model for the development of a shared society in Israel, which is based on teacher training in this area. Within the framework of the program, we connect a pair of schools, with each school choosing 7-8 key figures from its teaching staff, who meet together for a practical workshop that provides tools from the world of social and community leadership and trains the teachers to establish multicultural projects together. At the end of the workshop, the two teams establish a community social project for their students, enabling them to engage in multicultural work in practice.

'Women Generating Change'

A New Way is proud to lead the way for creating sustainable change through women's' leadership groups. Groups of Jewish and Arab women residing in the same or nearby cities participate in a program whose goal is to empower the participants, break down prejudices, and create active cooperation towards the promotion of social change.

Youth Leadership in a Multicultural Environment

From our belief in the power of the informal system in Israel to lead to significant social change, ANW has established a unique youth leadership program that emphasizes multiculturalism and is aimed to youth and young people. The goal of the program is to train young leaders from all cultures and worldviews to work together to promote increase tolerance and multicultural sensitivity in Israeli society. The program is suitable for groups in a mixed—Arab-Jewish-- city, such as the municipal youth councils or other existing groups of youth.

Developing Community Leadership

The program is targeted at r key figures in the community and for those serving in municipal leadership positions such as deputy mayors, heads of the education departments, school principals, municipal department directors, Ministry of Education officials, etc. The program encourages joint activity and the development of joint initiatives. It targets  both Jews and Arabs and aims to develop close familiarity and meaningful dialogue as a tool to reduce hostility, foster tolerance and build trust between Jews and Arabs in mixed cities and or nearby cities.

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Our community program in the mixed city of Lod

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