‘A New Way’ was founded in 1998 with the deep commitment to generating change in the educational approach to promoting equality among all citizens of Israel.

Our Vision

The Israeli society is characterized by rifts between different groups in the population.

The deepest rift is between Israel's Arab and Jewish citizens.

Israeli society is characterized by rifts between different groups in the population.

The most deep-seated rift is that which exists between Israel's Arab and Jewish citizens.

"A New Way" aims to create and develop close relationships and meaningful dialogue between Jewish and Arab students as a tool to reduce hostility, foster tolerance, and build trust between the two groups..

How it all began
The founder and Director of A New Way, Dr. Tikva Bracha, tells……………
So, how does it work?

The core program of ANW connects two communities of schools, Jewish and Arab, and operates a long-term joint program between them geared to achieving the following objectives:

1. Building setting for schools that will enable a meaningful encounter and foster understanding of the neighboring community’s , culture and history.

2. Developing connections between students, parents and the educational teams from both schools.

3. Fostering the ability to listen and engage in open and respectful discourse

4. Encouraging a joint volunteering work for the entire Israeli society.

5. Strengthening the connection between the youth, and accompanying coalitions between municipalities to implement common interests

Our programs

Over the past 18 years ANW has operated various educational programs in 40 municipalities. The programs are of an experiential nature and are based on tools from the world of drama, sports, music, joint discourse, collaboration and social involvement in the community.


The programs are based on working in small groups, thus enabling the development of an intimate, deep and open discussion and giving room to all participants in the group. Recently, the activity was expanded to additional target audiences in the localities in which the various programs operate, focusing on mixed—Arab-Jewish cities and clusters of neighboring communities.

Some numbers about our year


Students and youth have participated in our programs since their establishment


Communities from Hura in the south to Acre in the north have participated in A New Way’s activities


Classes from different schools are participating in our programs during the current academic year

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