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You must be the change you

wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi


'Women Generating Change'

Joint Citizenship”- the Multicultural Program for the Matriculation ("Bagrut") in Civics"

Seminars and Multicultural Events

“Teachers Training as Change Agents”

Communities in Partnership

Leadership Development Initiatives

Our programs

Over the past 18 years "A new way" has operated various educational programs in 40 municipalities. The programs are of an experiential nature and are based on tools from the world of drama, sports, music, joint discourse, collaboration and social involvement in the community.


The programs are based on working in small groups, thus enabling the development of an intimate, deep and open discussion and giving room to all participants in the group. Recently, the activity was expanded to additional target audiences in the localities in which the various programs operate, focusing on mixed-Arab-Jewish cities and clusters of neighboring communities.

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